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Vaacikaa Tecknocrats Private Limited is a Hybrid Process Outsourcing (HPO) company rendering services in all verticals including affordable mobile apps, designer websites, professional accounting & taxation services and have consolidated their observations through various forms of research and found that there is a lot of scope in terms of web designing to align and improve the key factors of the website service industry. The ever growing needs of back office support services pose an enormous amount of challenges and these challenges were detailed and meticulous research was done for a good one year and the result of this led to the incorporation of our organization. We at Vaacikaa ensure client satisfaction by concentrating on giving more than what the client desires. Our motive is to mainly understand what the client requires, improve it by giving out a creative layout and encourage the client to give their inputs. Vaacikaa Tecknocrats is the right place where you can find quality work dished out at an affordable price without any delay.

We are the voice and think tank of our clients and associates and that's why we named ourselves Vaacikaa Tecknocrats. Our tag line People, Process & Precision in a true sense is believed to be the key differentiator between a specialized HP Outsourcing and a traditional Business Process Outsourcing. We foresee ourselves evolving as a macro business enterprise consisting of various micro business units. Services offered by us have been divided into many verticals. Our Support services comprises of Inbound Customer Care through voice, email, chat etc, Outbound Sales, Appointment Fixing, Lead Generation & Knowledge Based Data Processing along with other services such as professional web designing and a complete range of services of efficient accounting & taxation.

We deliver quality service to our clients and are confident of transforming the client's vision into reality. We expertise in Domain/Vertical specific support solution spread across various continents. Our primary focus is on accounting & Taxation (AUS & US) based in Melbourne, Creative Solutions, Medical Tourism, Pharmacovigilance, Staffing Solutions and last but not the least, affordable web designing services. Our ability to provide the latest in technology without compromising on quality has assured us client satisfaction. We strive to

Value Proposition


To evolve as a one stop solution for all the outsourcing needs as a Macro Business Enterprise consisting of several Micro Business Units.


Our adept and highly skillful team possess strong talent pools who can build eye-catching websites to cater to the right audience and expertise in diversified verticals; printing of flyers, brochures, efficient accounting & taxation.

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